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6 Safety Tips All Teen Drivers Must Follow on Road

Seeing your teenager become old enough to drive may be quite exciting. Sitting beside him/her for a change while on a road trip is definitely a proud feeling. But deep down, you are naturally worried about the safety of your child on the road as you know that irrespective of the current skills of your teenager, he/she is still inexperienced behind the wheels. And beyond your guiding eye, you will no control over the way he/she will ultimately drive. So, for your own mental peace and the complete safety of your kid while driving, run these safety tips with him/her as frequently as you can. Make sure these become your teenager’s habit and travel along with them in that car.

Seatbelts are a must

The disturbing fact about teenage accidents in the US states that most fatalities occur owing to the negligence of wearing seatbelts. Teenagers, still getting privy with their driving habits, often skip the subtle safety details and forget putting on their seatbelts while driving. Many do it for fun or to follow the trend and the end result is never pretty. Thus, strictly instruct your teenager to always wear seatbelts. Set an example yourself by never missing out. Take away some allowance, if necessary, every time to catch him/her without seatbelts.

Make use of the safety features

When you buy the vehicle from the top used car dealerships near me, you almost always get the latest model with all the modern safety features intact. Teach your teenager to make use of the installed features every time and seldom rely on their instincts or confidence. One such feature is blind-spot monitoring. Instruct the teen driver to always take help from it while driving out, taking a turn, or changing lanes. Also, ask him/her to keep pedestrian control on or take the guidance of parking assistance.

Regular servicing is crucial

Auto part failure is another leading cause of road accidents. And their possibility increases if the car your teenager is driving is poorly maintained. Here again, their inexperience with cars leads them to neglect any warning signs and should the unthinkable ever happen, they will not know how to tackle the situation. Thus, for the first few years, supervise the servicing schedule yourself. Direct your teen driver to take his/her car to the same buy here pay here car lot for maintenance from where you got it from. This way, the quality of servicing will remain and your kid will always remain safe from technical failures.

Avoid driving under-slept

Lack of sleep has similar effects as alcohol consumption. It distorts cognition, inhibits thinking, and makes the mind too tired to focus. Most of the teenagers in the US are under-slept. No matter what the reason, the problem is prevalent. Make your teenager understand the consequences of driving while feeling sleepy and instruct him/her to avoid it at all costs. Even the slightest of yawns should be a warning sign for young drivers who are yet to master the art of driving on any kind of road.

Mobile phones should be a strict no

Well, teenagers are hooked on to their phones. And it is acceptable at other times but never while driving. Teenage drivers need to solely focus on the road. Their complete attention must go into driving. If they talk over their phone, or text, or even change songs using it, their attention will get divided which will directly challenge their safety. Instruct your teenager to never use the phone while driving. If there is a call he/she has to take, tell him/her to park nearby and then receive the phone.

Restrict the number of passengers initially

Surely you have felt the jitters as well when you were driving during your initial days in full capacity. Inexperienced drives feel the added pressure of being responsible for their fellow passengers. Higher the number, more the butterflies. Hence, during the initial days at least, talk your teen driver to not take more than one passenger. Slowly instruct him/her to increase the number. All the way, make your kid feel comfortable about driving and guide him/her to not try too hard. However, the foundation for all these safety features lies in buying the right car. Investing in a quality used car must be your step one as young drivers need that support from their vehicles which must be in top shape. Stick to renowned dealerships like the Family Auto. Stay away from small-time players. No amount of safety instructions will work if the demon hides in the car itself. Buy right, invest right, and keep your teenager safe.


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