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4 Simple and Smart Ways to Childproof Your Vehicle

Congratulations! You are a parent. Your whole world is about to change. The little one will be the most precious being you will have in your life and you will want to protect him/her with all your life. But protection is not always that simple. The real-world can pose dangers in various ways, as you already may know. Prevention, however, is possible. And that is where your focus must lie. Childproofing your vehicle is one of the simplest steps that you can take on these lines. A few tricks and investments here and there and your treasure will remain safe on the road.Here are 4 simple and smart ways to childproof your ride.

Invest in a quality and safe vehicle

All other safety measures will fail if your car is not safe to drive in the first place. Get an upgrade if required but do invest in a quality used vehicle from one of the top car dealerships in Fountain Inn. Along with reliability, the installed safety techs in the car will also matter now as they come to your aid while driving. Right from ABS to blind-spot monitoring to all-around airbags, every feature is important when you are about to have a baby in your car. Think quality, buy with a warranty, and close the loopholes that are out of your control.

Enable child lock on all doors

Many cars have the feature pre-installed. All you have to do is enable it. For instance, the child lock enable feature on the rear door is located on the interior surface. You can enable it yourself or ask a technician to do it. Repeat the same for all your doors. It does not matter where you would like to place your kid now. When he/she will grow up, he/she will have his/her own choice of seat and you will not want to waste your time arguing and then placing an irritated child in your car. Child locks prevent any unwanted experimentation with the door, especially when you are cruising at high speeds or trying to maneuver a busy road.

Get the right car seat

71% of all motor accidents in America harm a child because 95% of all parents do not know how to properly use a car seat. Following this stat, you must forego all your self-confidence while buying and installing a car seat for your child. First, take your child to buy the seat. Make sure he/she fits perfectly, and his/her height and weight are as per the manufacturer’s recommended specifications. Then, take that seat to buy used cars or used trucks in Greenville, SC, and pick that model where the seat fits perfectly. After the purchase, ask the dealership expert to recheck the installation. The added layer of verification will ensure that you have latched the seat right.

Buckle down your seat belts

While using the car seat, your toddler will have no use of the seat belt. And this fact possesses an immense risk to a bored child who has nothing to do during the hour-long ride. As you are focusing on the road, your kid can very well start playing with the belt. Its mechanism can easily tangle itself around the child’s hands or any other part behind your notice. When you press the brakes, the springs will act and your child will be caught in an accident. Hence, invest in buckles to tie down loose seat belts when not in use. Here again, do this for all the belts as you never know which one can catch your child’s attention.

That’s it. Search online for the best used car dealerships near me, buy a safe vehicle, and get the above installations. Also, remember to keep your servicing schedules and tune your car whenever necessary. You will want all the help you can get from your car to keep your child safe and then it all comes down to your driving habits which you can closely control.


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