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The Pros and Cons of Chrysler Cars

The third name in the list of “The Big Three” American automakers is still Chrysler which features alongside Ford and General Motors. And that is reason enough for many car buyers, both in the new and used market, to fish out Chrysler cars and own then proudly. There was indeed a time when the brand was developing in leaps and bounds. Chrysler had become synonymous with innovation and performance. With its collaboration with Dodge and Jeep, the automaker produced the best of vehicles in almost all segments and was touted as the go-to carmaker for the US consumers.

The 21st century, however, has not been easy for the brand. And that brings us to the brink where we must discuss the pros and cons of Chrysler cars before going out to buy used cars in Fountain Inn. The list is not long yet, is an important read, as other automakers are doing better today within the same price bracket.

The pros of Chrysler cars

* High-performance powertrain

Take the brand’s luxury sedan for example. In the standard Chrysler 300, you get a V6 engine that can generate up to 292 HP and go from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.6 seconds. Plus, the fuel-efficiency of the car is rated at 30 mpg on highway, which is impressive given the size of the vehicle. You can also buy the HEMI version where the car carries the automaker’s iconic V8 engine that takes power output to over 360 HP. No other brand can match up to the Fiat-Dodge-Chrysler’s engine performance without much compromise on fuel efficiency

* The best minivans in the market

Among the top 10 minivans in the country, Chrysler has 2 on the list. And they trump automakers like Toyota and Honda by substantial margins in the segment. The vehicles are spacious. They are comfortable to ride. Plus, the power of the engine makes the minivan ideal for families who enjoys the occasional road trip. Dealers selling used cars in Fountain Inn, SC, will often talk about the popularity of Chrysler minivans. And “the best in the market” is the tagline you are sure to hear while making a purchase decision.

The cons of Chrysler cars

* There are hardly any options

The Chrysler group had gone bankrupt after the 2008 financial crisis and only survived owing to government bailouts and its absorption by Italy’s Fiat. Naturally, the brand lost most of its models and, today, Chrysler only has a few minivans, one convertible and one luxury sedan. That does not leave the average American car buyer with many options. Chrysler is absent from the SUV segment. No trucks or hatches either. Even though you can buy a Jeep or RAM but do not expect Chrysler’s logo or its once-touted innovative specs.

* Its reliability ratings are abysmal

This con is important for used car buyers. Reliability rating is a measure of how infrequently will your car require servicing or repairs and Chrysler cars do not do well once they get a bit older. Plus, NHTSA has time and again rated Chrysler with the worst safety ratings in the industry. Add to that the lack of technical innovation and Chryslers will not seem worth your money anymore. If you have settled your mind to buy a Chrysler, make sure to buy from dealers like Family Auto who give flat warranties on their cars. Otherwise, go for Toyota, Honda, or Nissan – automakers who have been consistent with both reliability and safety ratings.

The bottom-line

For used cars in Fountain Inn, SC, it is suggested to look past Chrysler unless the model is merely 2-3 years old. You can do without the HEMI. And minivans of Kia and Mazda are just as spacious. RAM and Jeep under Fiat are currently prospering and the only reason to look at a Chrysler currently is its Pacifica Hybrid that is ticking a few good boxes. Consider your options. Give up your biases. Buy a used Chrysler only if its features really stand out in the car lot.


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